I wish I could give you this feeling.

I was having a really bad night seven months ago. In my semi-drunken state, I struck up a conversation with this guy who seemingly changed my life with six little words: I want to be on you (lol). From that moment on we have been inseparable.

I’ve tried to write about B previously. I just could never find the right words to describe this overwhelming sense of happiness, peace and optimism he has brought into my life. This is the first time I honestly feel like I love someone so.. genuinely, completely and unconditionally. He takes care of me, comforts me. He’s there for all of the laughs and the 3am breakdowns. He knows my quirks and how to push my buttons, but doesn’t. He doesn’t try to change me, but rather he encourages and inspires me to grow every single day. He just gets me.

B is always positive, always smiling.. Always striving to be happy and to keep me happy as well. I appreciate him. And for once, I found someone who reciprocates that. I never even realized how important mutual appreciation was in a relationship before I met him.┬áIt’s the little things he says and does to show that gratitude that make me believe this is real.

I’m sure some people are tired of the way we dote on each other. I also know there are people that wish us the best and love the way we love each other. I thank all of you. I hope you all realize that this wasn’t a post written to gloat. It was more so my way of showing how thankful I am to have someone that loves me like he does. I wish I could give you all this feeling…

I was lucky enough to fall in love with my best friend and it is the most incredible feeling in the world.